‘Enough is enough’ – 50 UK protests against cost of living

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Enough is Enough protests against the spiralling cost of living crisis will be held in 50 of the UK’s biggest cities and towns tomorrow (October 1) – the same day the new energy bill price cap begins.

The campaign group’s first “national day of action” will see simultaneous events in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Birmingham, Glasgow, Swansea, Manchester, Leeds and scores of other towns and cities in the UK – 175,000 people have already signed up to march.

Trade unionists, politicians, anti-poverty campaigners and celebrities will join the protests to support on-going strikes and Enough is Enough’s five demands – lower energy bills, end food poverty, decent homes for all, a real pay rise and significant minimum wage increase, and a tax on the ultra-rich.

“These are basic demands we should all be fighting for across all elements of politics,” said Labour MP Ian Byrne, a supporter of the Enough is Enough protest in Liverpool. “There’s 50 major rallies across the country, and it’s an opportunity for people to stand up and say the system isn’t working for them, and send a message loud and clear to the political elites in Westminster that they need to be listened to.”

The “energy companies ripping us off” are the main targets of the Bristol protest and organisers of the event – from 12pm (October 1) in the square near Bristol Temple Meads station – posted on Facebook: “the working class is back, we know what we want, and we’re getting organised to win it.

“Now it’s time to live up to our words.”

Enough is Enough campaigners will march to the Bristol offices of OVO Energy, whose boss, they say, “hoards a personal fortune of over £600 million” and whose company “told customers worried about energy bills to ‘try cleaning the house, or do a few starjumps’ and to ‘cuddle your pets’ to keep warm.

“This callous ‘advice’ shows exactly what the millionaires and this government think of us. We can’t let them win – and we won’t.

“Over the last few weeks support for our campaign has exploded, and we’ve held huge rallies from Luton to Liverpool, and from Bristol to Leeds.

“We know we can win, because the working class have done it time and time again.”

Previous Enough is Enough events around the country have gathered large numbers protesting spiralling energy bills, inflation and government inaction while calling for the implementation of the groups five demands.

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