New refuse collection timetable is rubbished by residents

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Refuse collections for 11,000 homes in a Welsh county have been cut to once a month.

The initiative has been met with protests by residents and local councillors, who say it has attracted more vermin.

But Conwy Council says it has addressed the objections raised and that the switch will save them almost £400,000.

It is the first monthly collection to be introduced in England and comes as many authorities move towards three-weekly schedules instead of fortnightly ones.

Opponents of the Conwy scheme say leaving rubbish out for longer has caused smells and attracted more rats, flies and seagulls.

A number of residents say they have switched to burning their waste to stop bins overflowing.

Despite the objections, council reports claimed four-weekly collections would increase rubbish recycling levels and save the council up to £390,000 annually.

The decision to proceed was taken earlier this year, even though some councillors said the authority was not ready for the change.

Extra steps have been taken to to help residents recycle as part of the changes.

They include free collection of large items, free nappy bins for grandparents who look after children and special collections for people if they are on holidal to do soy.

All local authorities have recycling targets to hit and face fines if they fail to do so.

In Wales, the target for 64 per cent of waste to be recycled by 2020 has already been met.

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