Scottish Tories fume about PM’s ‘disastrous’ devolution comments as Scotland levels-up restrictions

Scottish Conservatives are furious about Boris Johnson’s latest gaffe saw him call devolution “a disaster” just months before the Holyrood election. From his self-isolation in Downing Street the prime minister managed to send – via the power of a Zoom meeting with 67 Tory MPs comprising the Northern Research Group – political shock waves across […]

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Leaders' debate

Leaders’ Debate – Boris & Jeremy Play It Save to Avoid Gaffs

If you were expecting wonderful oration or campaign-altering sucker punches, you must have been disappointed. The much-anticipated leaders’ debate ended up a rather dull affair. Commentators expected the respective teams behind the two leaders to be glad to have avoided any major gaffs. A post-debate poll awarded Johnson a narrow victory. However, neither leader managed […]

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electoral pacts in Northern Ireland

Electoral pacts in Northern Ireland – pro-remain parties team up against the DUP

Following the announcement of the electoral pact between the UUP and the DUP, few expected pro-remain parties, including Sinn Fein and the SDLP, to forge their own alliances. Electoral pacts in Northern Ireland have been a feature in Unionist politics for many years, but Brexit has changed the Northern Irish political landscape. Pro-remain parties forge […]

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